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living in an orange filled world
please come back soon
I won :D 
22nd-Nov-2009 10:11 am
SHINee see you on Friday <3

hahaha. SEE I won a ticket for the Phil-Kor Friendship Festival, in which SHINee will perform. HAHA. out of 8000 applicants, I was one of the chosen few (only 360 were chosen). How amazing is that?
Even if I’m not really a SHINee fan, but I won’t pass this wonderdul event. ^^ Honestly, me and my roommate were just trying to register for the ticket for fun, but what’s surprising was, we both won. OMG.

I’m one step closer in my ultimate fangirl dream, SHINee -> SM -> SUJU/DBSK. LOL

& belated happy birthday WANNIE :)

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