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Minnovation Live (video) 
3rd-Jul-2009 07:30 pm

Minwoo's the only person who can make me feel better when I'm almost feeling sick ^^ That's why I love him :)

and the video above is better than any medicine for sickness. LOL. I was almost going to stop surfing the net when I came across this video ('coz I'm not feeling well) but seeing the dorky minwoo performing his new song is pure love. What's more funny is him. I mean, look at him, he looks so normal, haha, looks like he's just someone you'll see on the street but he smartly pulled it off. And no matter how large/small the audience is, he'll give it his all <3

It's the first time I heard minnovation live (though it's his second time singing it live), and I can't wait to see him perform it on music shows. I bet it'll be a blast (from what I read).

hay naku minbong, ang galing mo talaga, you are such a sweetie (ang random)

source: 6rystalis@YT
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