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[CAPS] SBS Inki M Comeback Perf - Minnovation 
6th-Jul-2009 07:36 am
I bring you M screen caps.

On much thought, I think Minu's still great in whatever he does =)

and I seriously need to DL his perf in HQ to have a better appreciation of his comeback *ignores the stage* thanks to the awesome people in Minu's soompi thread for I was enlightened on how brilliant this guy really is ^^

^ I love this pic a loooott

^am I the only one who think he looks a bit like takuya kimura?? the eyes perhaps?

^ I'm loving the gloves, very minnovative of minbong ^^

picture credits: Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz, serawong@soompi, credits as tagged
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