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please come back soon
Vote for Shinhwa Changjo 
17th-Jul-2009 08:11 pm
Mare, i told you ipopromote ko ito ^^

I don't know if I have that many Shinhwa Changjo friends here in my LJ, but please do vote for Shinhwa Changjo. It's a match in Pop in Seoul for the best fan club. SHCJ going against the Cassies. As much as I love DBSK (and is also a Cassie) but my heart belongs to Shinhwa, and I'll forever be a Changjo ^^. Like I always stressed out, SHCJ's the best FC out there, and the mos mature I think (not being bias here)

anyway please vote:


but you need to have an account first.

I really hope SHCJ will win =)
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