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please come back soon
Skip Beat 
27th-Jul-2009 09:26 am
I'll be starting on a new anime..
SKIP BEAT. Haha. (obvsly the title gave it away). My mood was pretty random this past week (s) that I found myself watching anything that suited my mood & sadly fangirling isn't included in the list (I'm taking a break from fan girling).

first, I am now on the season 5 of House, finally I'm almost done (though I skipped season 3 'coz I can't find/borrow a copy)

second, I think I'm through with my whole "omg I can't stop reading Gakuen Alice fanfics" phase, because I can't find any decent FFs left (that suits my taste)

and lastly, skip beat, lol. It's caused by my roommate who's an otaku. usually I'm the one who influences people, but my new roommate sure knows a lot of anime, and I just can't ignore it seeing her watching an anime. inggitera ako

so I'm on temporary fan girling strike, wahahahaha

BTW, tomorrow's minbong's 31st (30th) birthday (what are my plans??!). Yay. Honestly, Shinhwa's the only reason why I'm still a fangirl. ^^
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