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living in an orange filled world
please come back soon
happy birthday Minwoo <3 
27th-Jul-2009 11:04 pm
it's already 12 mn in Korea which means:
happy 31st (30th) birthday dear minbong ^_^.

I can't believe that you're officially 11 years older than me, and yet I'm still crazy about you *sigh* & that feeling won't ever change, unless you're married *bleh* 


truth is, my pictures of minu isn't much (118 to be exact), but I did try my best to choose pics of him that's special to me :)

1.) minu in his little chick phase (forgive me, but I coined the term "little chick" because it's in this period that evertime I see him, an image of a little chick comes to mind, perhaps it's the eyebrows?)

2.) Minu the dork (self explanatory)



3.) Minu's smiling face (love, love, love it especially when his smile reaches up to his eyes ^^)


4.) the different sides of Minu I like =)

photo credits: as tagged + shinhwa.biz + absolutshinhwa@wordpress



my message for him, is i hope he will always be happy :) as simple as that ^^

& want to know why I like him most?

* it's his passion in everything that he does, and also he always brings smile to his fans, and he never shows sadness everytime I see him, whenever Shinhwa's having a concert, Lee Minwoo will always be happy & energetic & hyper, he'll never show us that he's tired. ^^



Lee Minwoo Happy Birthday & ilu ♥♥♥

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